HyperAutomation and Modeling

Combining robotic process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize process efficiency and business insight.

Big Data and Automation

HyperAutomation and Modeling

Summit2Sea brings unmatched capability in combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase business value for our customers.

At Summit2Sea, we know that smart automations, AI and ML start with data. We know how to combine structured and unstructured data into a common model. Our consultants have proven expertise in integrating AI using your existing Business Process Management (BPM), Financial system, Procurement system and ERP systems via Containers, APIs, RPA and Chatbot applications.

HyperAutomation and Modeling

Service and Solution Expertise

Robotic Process Automation

As an early adopter of the RPA technologies, the depth and breadth of our experience is unmatched. We partner with organizational leadership and help demonstrate RPA value, manage inbound funnel, optimize ROI, drive adoption and ensure meticulous governance model at both the program and process levels. We have experience partnerships with many RPA technologies including UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We have proven expertise in integrating traditional RPA with powerful machine learning platforms such as AWS SageMaker, Databricks ML Flow and UiPath AI Fabric. Limitation of traditional rule-based RPA can be overcome by training machine learning models on your historic data to inform future actions and create an intelligent automation. At Summit2Sea, we know AI starts with data. We know how to combine structured and unstructured data into a common model.


We offer end-to-end robotic solution that we can build and host on our cloud for fast turnkey results. We can offer utility billing where one monthly fee includes software licensing, consulting fees and cloud hosting charges in one. Depending upon use case, we can also offer per transaction pricing allowing pure value creation.

Security and Governance

Automation governance consists of the standards that coordinate and control RPA objectives, resources and program activities. It is essential to supporting the growth and stability of an RPA program from initial implementation to continued, ongoing maintenance.  Summit2Sea has the experience and the know-how to effectively plan and execute automation implementations from initial requirements through testing, and ultimately gaining an authority to operate securely in a production environment.

Cloud-based Automation

Summit2Sea's HyperAutomation capabilities can be hosted in a public or private cloud environment to leverage the continual benefit of unattended robots.

Testing Automation

Our smart RPA solutions can be leveraged to help with other software acceptance testing such as ERP Upgrades and Data Reporting. Use of RPA technologies can generate testing data automatically or perform reconciliations between production data and testing data.

HyperAutomation and Modeling
Statement of Capabilities

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HyperAutomation and Modeling

Solution Showcase and Impact Stories

S2S solution reduces transaction errors in partnership with the Defense Innovation Unit

Leveraging AI and ML to reduced financial transaction errors which led to signification time and cost savings

Automating manual data process for DoD to provide data in a time-sensitive airlift operation

Automation solution provides accurate, up-to-date data for airlift operation leading to more accurate tracking of evacuees

Helping the Internal Revenue Service comply with Data Act requirements

Our custom HyperAutomation solution, combined RPA and ML, provides corrective actions for out-of-sync financial transactions

HyperAutomation and Modeling

Solution Showcase Videos

HyperAutomation and Modeling

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