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Delivering the latest innovative solutions to modernize our client's business operations and drive value through technological efficiencies

Digital Technology Summit2Sea

Digital Technology

Summit2Sea is continuously surveying the information technology horizon for emerging software and technologies that can benefit our client's business operations. We combine an Agile mindset with deep functional and technical knowledge to enable transformational change with innovative solutions. What differentiates Summit2Sea from other information technology consultants, is that we believe in "showing, rather than telling." We specialize in creating prototypes and proof of concepts to help validate the emerging technologies so our clients can see the value and benefit before committing to a large-scale implementation or procurement.

We have the partnerships with technology software vendors and the technical know-how to help our clients: create strategy and enterprise architecture roadmaps; assess cloud strategy and adoption; conduct cloud viability assessments; perform a cloud migration; and conduct infrastructure, platform and application analysis.

Digital Technology

Service and Solution Expertise

Digital Strategy

Summit2Sea brings a holistic approach to delivering innovate digital solutions. We focus not only on the latest technologies available, but also put an emphasis on human-centered design and future innovation planning to ensure a sustainable digital ecosystem for our clients.

Agile Innovation and Adoption

Our "show, don't tell" approach to creating technology solutions is a perfect pairing for Agile Development and Project Management. We focus on engaging all stakeholders to define requirements, conducting planning meetings to ensure sprint goals are met, giving solution demonstrations frequently for feedback, and monitoring for continuous improvement.

IT Management and Governance

We assist our clients by engaging technology leaders to set direction that establishes key priorities that allows our clients to successfully fulfill their organization's mission and objectives. We ensure that processes and key performance indicators are documented to sustain technology in the near-term and look forward for points of improvement.

Systems and Process Engineering

Summit2Sea leverages functional business process knowledge and technical expertise to deliver solutions that not only improve the end-user software experience and the back-end infrastructure but that also focus on creating an efficient and compliant business process.

Cloud Migration and Optimization

We leverage our functional and technical knowledge of our client's systems, data and overall business operations to assess needs cloud requirements across Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS) and Software(SaaS) as a Service.


Complementary to Agile Development, DevSecOps is a cloud-specific development methodology that focuses on decreasing time-to-production through innovation while securing solutions and data in the cloud environment.

Digital Technology
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Digital Technology

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DoD Agency Cloud Migration

Migrating to the cloud to gain operational efficiencies with increased security and reduced risk

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