Data and Advanced Analytics

Providing data-driven insights for your organization to easily access data and make business decisions

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Data and Advanced Analytics

At Summit2Sea, we help clients turn data into information by bringing disparate sources of financial, procurement and other enterprise data together into a common model. We help our clients gain a better understanding of their data, where it is stored and how to put it together for more meaningful and timely insights. We bring deep industry knowledge of the Federal financial landscape and pair it with our functional and technical expertise across a variety of data reporting and analytic platforms.

Our consultants bring deep knowledge of DoD enterprise system data such as DAI, DEAMS, GFEBS, DCAS, MOCAS, DTS, GPC, EDA, iRapt and PD2. In addition, we have experience implementing numerous tools including: Qlik, Trifacta, OBIEE, Essbase, Oracle Exalytics, Tableau, Hadoop User Experience (HUE), Streamsets, SQL and Excel.

We combine this experience and expertise to help our clients: identify and obtain source data; develop enterprise data models; build intuitive dashboards; and automate financial data reconciliation.

Data and Analytics

Service and Solution Expertise

Data Strategy

Actionable data is central to any business and the need to have accurate and timely data to manage critical operational and strategic functions is growing. At Summit2Sea we understand that data strategy and strong data management functions are key for our clients and our consultants work closely with the stakeholders to understand their data, develop strategy and governance.

Data Warehousing and Modeling

We understand that organizations may have many different sources of data within their organization from different systems such has Human Resources, Procurement, Finance and Contracting. These data sources can be siloed and disparate constraining organizations from getting true insights to the performance of their operations. Our solutions are centered around data integration with secured access. We have experience providing on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure to turn disparate data into integrated, actionable information.

Business Intelligence, Reporting and Visualizations

We combine our knowledge of financial data source systems, data modeling/structure, and financial operations to provide meaningful reports and visualizations. We have the ability to automate data reporting, create executive-level dashboard and secure data based on roles or responsibilities within an organization. This ensures that all stakeholders are getting the right data, at the right time.

Predictive Analytics

We implement cutting edge machine learning capabilities by streamlining model building to help our client predict outcomes based on historical data. Transforming data into future insights, we improve reliability, cut costs and streamline their operations.

Data Engineering

Summit2Sea understands that deploying a data platform is just the beginning of a full solution. Our forward-thinking, holistic view to data takes into consideration your data needs in the future. Our data engineering expertise centers around designing and building systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale.

Cloud-based Analytics and Reporting

Summit2Sea knows how to store and analyze data in the cloud and using it to extract actionable business insights. Similar to on-premises data analytics, cloud analytics algorithms can be applied to large data collections to identify patterns, predict future outcomes and produce other information useful to business decision makers. We have experience across a variety of cloud platforms and products.

Data and Advanced Analytics
Statement of Capabilities

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Data and Analytics

Solution Showcase and Impact Stories

Enterprise Analytics for DoD Comptroller

Building the big-data technology platform to improve DoD operations and mission performance while driving efficient decision making and improving analytics

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) CARES Act Funding

Building a data reporting solution to respond to CARES Act funding requirements to ensure financial integrity and accurate reporting

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