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We recognize that each customer requires unique solutions for success. We have the capability to tailor to the client’s unique needs to streamline business processes. We aim to exceed expectations and focus on client satisfaction. The most valuable referrals we can receive are from former and current clients.

We take pride in differentiating ourselves from our competitors and delivering the highest value to our clients and partners. We recognize we need to continuously strive to make ourselves, our clients, and our partners better. We believe the caliber of our team sets the standard for our results. We build mutually productive relationships with our clients. We encourage knowledge transfer. We ensure seamless transitions by not only implementing solutions, but also educating clients on systems and processes.


Special Assistant to the Comptroller

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

"Evidence of the contractor’s expert technical knowledge of Oracle/DAI, a requirement included in the Performance Work Statement (PWS), was demonstrated when they collaborated with the DAI PMO to alter the scheduling of nightly extracts to assure that all DAI external processing was completed before initiating the data transfer. Summit2Sea identified the issue, proposed possible solutions to the DAI PMO, and implemented the change. Before the change, there were approximately 20 projects per night with ‘timing’ issues that resulted in inaccurate figures. After the change, there are only an average of 3 projects per night with timing issues. Accurate data allows the DARPA Comptroller and technical offices to make better management decisions and instills confidence in the data."

Universe of Transactions - AUD-IT

Office Under Secretary of Defense - Comptroller

“Patrick – as always, great work, man. Cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of your efforts. It’s important to say when people are doing absolutely amazing work … and you just always are doing great stuff. #Youreonanotherlevel”

Special Assistant to the Comptroller

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

"During the reporting period several quick response tasks were encountered to support the Comptroller and the newly appointed DARPA Director. In one example, the Director wanted to track program execution by phases. Summit2Sea quickly analyzed the problem, recommended solutions and made the required programming changes within two weeks of being assigned. This was in advance of the Comptroller’s expectation sand allowed the Comptroller to demonstrate a quick response to the Director. In addition, none of the existing tasks encountered schedule slippages"

E. Dennis Martinez

National Nuclear Security Administration CFO, Department of Energy

"On behalf of the NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) I would like to officially recognize the continued hard work, dedication and professionalism of Bryan Eckle (of S2SC)… Despite the frequency and magnitude of our requested tasks he continues to display a positive can do attitude. Of equal importance, Bryan continues to produce quality products and services despite the immense workload. Please express our most sincere appreciation to these individuals and we look forward to continuing a solid working relationship with them.”

Andrew McDowell, Division Controller

"We could not be happier with Summit2Sea's consulting services. With their superior expertise and knowledge of Oracle applications they were able pick up where our previous Oracle consultants left off and help us identify and implement the functionality in Oracle Property Manager that we were not previously using. They were able to create all the customized reports we needed to meet our reporting requirements. I have been very impressed with their ability to identify what needs to be done, how to get it done, and complete within a specified time table.”

Diamond Award Winners for Service Excellence

U.S. Department of Energy

The US Department of Energy office of the CFO has awarded Summit2Sea consultants multiple Diamond Awards for their continued service excellence in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Keane L. Streat, PMP

Manager, TeraThink

"TeraThink along with our Summit2Sea partners were recently evaluated on the Contract Performance Assessment Report (CPAR). I'm proud to say our team received a rating of "Exceptional" in all of the following categories: Quality of Product or Service, Schedule, Cost Control, Business Relations, Management of Key Personnel and Utilization of Small Business. Please use this as motivation to continue providing high quality service to DCMA. Congratulations to everyone on this accomplishment.”

Scott Nix, Director Financial Business Systems


"I wanted to extend a note of thanks for another collaborative and successful Year End Close effort.  I won't begin to try to list all the people that contributed to making this effort successful. I know between mitigating R12 learning curves, working JV packets, resolving obligation challenges, addressing help-desk tickets, and all the other activities that are required to make year end close as smoothly as it did, it was a true team effort.  I couldn't possibly list everyone that had a critical part in the success. I would however like to extend a very special thanks to Craig Berry and Bryan Eckle. They spent some late nights both in person and on the phone with us to help us address remaining hurdles and close out the year smoothly. Please just know how much we appreciate the partnership we have developed with the DAI PMO staff over the last few years, and how much we appreciate the continued efforts. Looking forward to a great FY16.”

Lynne Maszczak

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

"Thank you so much for you and Brad's support.  We would not be in a very good place with DAI issues if it weren't for you two working so hard to resolve issues and help my staff understand the mechanics of why, I really do appreciate it very much!

Benjamin Whitney

Appsential, LLC. / WAPA

"I wanted to shoot a quick note to let you know how impressed I am with the exemplary work that both Bryce and Nitin have performed so far on the Western R12 upgrade project.  Both have gone over and above my expectations, and shown an attention to detail that has been a key factor of success so far on the project.   We’re very lucky to have them on the team, and knowing those two I’m sure I’ll have many more opportunities to send over a note of praise!"

International Human Rights Organization

Pro Bono Work - Client Name Redacted

"Summit2Sea has been great to work with - they walked with us through discovery of how RPA can support our workflows, and developed creative tools to meet our needs."

"Summit2Sea developed innovative tools to aid us in conducting online investigations. RPA technology has proven to be a force multiplier for us, extending our capacity to do work beyond the size of our team."

Business Systems Director

Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

"I wanted to forward my Business Systems Director's message, because I couldn't say any better.  I want to recognize the DLA DAI PMO team as well for their great support that they have provided to MDA, not only at year end but throughout the year.  I believe this was our smoothest year end closing, especially from a system perspective, and they made that possible. Thanks again for their hard work, dedication to the mission and a great partnership."

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

"Summit2Sea has truly been a magnificent partner to work with on this DATA ACT Improvements project. Their expertise in Robotic Process Automations (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has provided the agency with tremendous insight. They remain flexible in their approach to support our ever evolving needs and continue to keep communication lines open as our agency deals with pandemic crises like COVID-19. The agency would highly recommend this contractor to other federal agencies."

Our Clients

Department of Treasury
Bureau of Public Debt
Carl Freeman Companies
Defense Acquisition University
Department of Defense, Defense Consulting
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Defense Contract Audit Agency
Department of Defense, Defense Consulting
Defense Contract Management Agency
Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Innovation Unit
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Procurement & Acquisition Policy
Defense Technical Information Center
Department of Defense, Defense Consulting
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Department of State
Electronic Data Systems
Federal Student Aid
Franklin Covey
Internal Revenue Service
National Gallery of Art
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
National Science Foundation
Transportation Security Administration
Department of Education, Government Consulting
U.S. Department of Energy
Department of Defense, Defense Consulting, Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, DoD Consulting, Defense
Under Secretary of Defense - Comptroller
United States Air Force
United States Marine Corps
Western Area Power Administration

Our Partners

We also strive to build partnerships that deliver excellence for the client. S2S partners with companies that share our commitment to client success and with whom we can deliver more comprehensive solutions. We believe value is transferred through both ideas and execution.

Consulting Partners

Booz Allen Hamilton
Crisafulli Consulting
Kearney & Company
6e Technologies
Valdez  International

Product Partners

Oracle Consulting
Amazon Web Services
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