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We enable our Federal and Commercial clients to achieve peak performance by bringing together people, process and technology

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Summit2Sea Consulting is an information technology and management consulting company that provides enterprise solution management and integration services to both Government and Commercial clients. Summit2Sea emphasizes organization transformation enabled through technology insertion and organizational re-design. Founded in 2003, Summit2Sea is a Woman-Owned Small Business company. We measure ourselves not only on a successful on-time and on-budget engagement, but also on the ability of client to holistically support and enhance the solution after we depart. By working with Summit2Sea, you are ensured to receive only the finest consultants who will consistently exceed expectations. Summit2Sea Consulting knows what it takes to deliver a successful engagement: exemplary communication skills, business acumen, functional knowledge and technical expertise.

Commitment to excellence

Summit2Sea's commitment to service excellence is at the forefront of our approach to each client engagement. Summit2Sea has achieved ISO 9001 certification, which is the World’s foremost quality management standard. The certification upholds requirements for a practical and effective quality management system (QMS) which is, in essence, a robust system for minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.

Core Values

Our core values, and dedication to upholding these standards for our employee's and our clients' success, is what sets S2S apart as a first-class information technology, financial management and business consulting organization.

Integrity – Always tell the truth and be transparent with coworkers, clients and other stakeholders. Do what we say, and say what we do. Without integrity, nothing else matters.

Client Service – Everything we do is centered around customer satisfaction, putting our customers before ourselves. Know your client’s business better than they do. We want to be the “go to” resource. A task in service of your client is never beneath you.

Expertise/Problem Solver – Continually grow your functional skills, technical knowledge and motivation to excel.  The answer is never “I don’t know,” it is“ let me confirm how it works and get back to you.”  Develop ideas and follow through to completion.  Demonstrate a solution versus simply talking about it.  No matter how certain you are of something, always test it out against real life end-to-end scenarios.  Be willing to share your knowledge with others.

Adaptability – No matter what change comes your way, be prepared and ready to handle it, including knowing where to go for help.  Anticipate client requests, questions and problems that lie ahead.

Communication – Express complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner, both written and spoken.  Be willing to actively listen.

Teamwork – Know your role and deliver results.  We are all accountable for our individual roles as well as to our teammates and collective outcomes.  Diversity of thought, expertise, experience, and background is crucial to creating an environment where varying thoughts are expressed, evidence is evaluated and the best ideas emerge.

Vision and MIssion

Our Vision is to be the most respected and trusted information technology and management consulting company in the eyes of our clients. We partner with our clients to identify their most critical challenges and transform their enterprises through conception, development, delivery and support of the finest solutions possible.

Our Mission is to exceed the expectations of our clients, employees and community by holding our organization to a standard of achievement and integrity that exemplifies excellence.

  • Our Approach
  • Exceed the expectations of our clients by providing customized, expert consulting services that surpass industry standards.
  • Exceed the expectations of our employees by providing challenging, creative career paths where innovation is nurtured, achievement is rewarded and respect for the individual is honored.
  • Exceed the expectations of our community by upholding strong commitment to public service at each level of the organization, and an adherence to high ethical behavior.

We are often asked, “How did you come up with the name, Summit2Sea?” Summit2Sea symbolizes our ability to view our client’s challenges at a high strategic level (the Summit) and have the detail knowledge and experience required to execute solutions at the most elementary level (the Sea). This powerful combination allows our consultants to put ideas into practice for each client.

Our People

Our consulting teams are composed of a unique blend of highly experienced and qualified Government and Commercial business professionals along with experts in leading edge technologies. This combination of skills and experience provide our clients with the precise expertise necessary to achieve successful transformational change as well as the cultural understanding required to ensure the recommended solutions are appropriate and realistic for each organization.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team has worked for some of the most respected and successful technology and business management consulting firms in the world. Each has unique in depth knowledge of Government and Commercial business practices and reporting requirements.

Laurian Eckle, CPA

Laurian is the majority partner of Summit2sea Consulting. As CEO, she oversees the strategic direction and culture of the company. Ms. Eckle has over 20 years of business and system consulting experience with an emphasis on financial management systems. In addition, Ms. Eckle is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Bryan Eckle

Bryan is a managing partner at S2S. He collaborates with our clients and leads our consulting team to identify and solve complex problems with clean and simple solutions. Bryan's expertise lies in implementing people, process and technology solutions to financial management, procurement, budget and overall data analytics challenges. He is constantly evaluating emerging technologies across data analytics, robotic process automation and machine learning in order to identify the solutions to our client’s business challenges. He received his BS in Business Administration from Mary Washington College and holds a certification in ICAgile.

Chris Florman

Chris is a partner at S2S and currently supports all aspects of delivery and growth activities helping to ensure the company executes against its strategic vision. Chris has experience in a variety of roles and provides service delivery, business development, proposal creation, capture planning, operational management and recruitment for the company. He has over 21 years of experience assisting government and commercial clients. He received his BS in Finance from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Jason Sanders

Jason is a senior advisor at S2S.  His consulting experience includes providing advisory services to large public sector organizations implementing complex business systems.  He has worked at every level in Government and has spent the last 13 years working on large technology projects in the Department of Defense.  He is currently the functional architect for a massive big data project that is consolidating and normalizing over 150 systems for the DoD.  He has received multiple commendations and awards for his project leadership and contribution to success in the DoD financial management domain.  His community involvement includes supporting and volunteering with several animal rescue groups.  In his free time, Jason enjoys mountain biking, guitar, and watching the English Premier League.

Gurman Sandhu, PMP

Gurman is a Program Manager at S2S and has over 14 years of program and project management experience, with a proven track record of managing diverse teams and complex deliverables at multiple Federal and DoD clients. As a solutions-driven manager Gurman ensures S2S delivers value-added programs that allow S2S clients to enhance their competitive advantage and bring transformative change in the areas of financial management, procurement and budgeting. He thrives in conceptualizing and executing program vision while meeting milestones and adapting to  shifting priorities. He is currently managing an S2S contract with a DoD agency that is transforming its budget and financial management domains.  He received his BS in Computer Engineering from Nagpur University and is a certified PMP since 2007.

Narayan Mamidanna, PMP

Narayan is a Senior Advisor, at Summit2Sea . He has over 23 years of experience leading and managing teams on large system implementation projects. His last 10 years have been with the DoD in their Finance Transformation Initiatives as a program manager. Prior to his DoD experience, Narayan has led large scale ERP  solutions at the Department of Health and Human Services. In addition to working on technology initiatives, he was responsible for driving the growth and delivery of application implementations at Big 4 Consulting Firms. Narayan holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Drexel University.  He also holds a PMP certification along with a DoD Level 1 Project Manager certification from Defense Acquisition University (DAU). He has received multiple commendations and awards for his project leadership and their success at his projects. In his spare time, Narayan likes to play trivia, golf, travel and watch football.


At Summit2Sea, we have over 80 consultants solving the most complex business challenges across industries and technologies. Here is what a few of our consultants said about being a part of the Summit2Sea team.

Ujwal Johnson

"I was drawn to Summit2Sea from my initial encounters with the team. I immediately felt like I was a part of the family and saw the tremendous experience and skills everyone has to offer. The quality of work we provide to the client and friendly team culture attracted me to Summit2Sea and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the company."

Bryan Harrell

"Coming from a larger consulting firm, it was very refreshing when I first joined Summit2Sea.  You're a real member of the team here, and receive great recognition for the work you perform. I've had the chance to meet some very smart people, and learn more than I ever have during my three years with the firm.  I am very excited to see where we go!"

Francois Strydom

"Summit2Sea is truly an exceptional place to work. You are viewed as part of a family where meeting your own professional and personal goals are just as important to the leadership team as they are to you. And being surrounded by only the best and brightest peers in the industry in an open and sharing environment leads to tremendous growth and satisfaction."

Jessica Moseley

"I love working at Summit2Sea because of the hyper-personalized approach of doing what’s best for the client and building long-term relationships. I’m given the opportunity to do interesting work for interesting clients surrounded by talented people. Leadership cares about empowering me and going above and beyond for the client. What’s not to love?"

Michael Catts

"Coming to Summit2Sea has been the best career decision I have ever made. We truly are treated as family and friends rather than just a number or cog in the machine. I firmly believe that Summit2Sea employs only the best of the best and that our reputation precedes us. I am proud to say that I am a part of that team and excited to see what lies ahead. "

Marley Bautista

"I'm proud to work at Summit2Sea where we are delivering innovative, quality work for our clients every day. At Summit2Sea, I feel recognized and valued for my contributions. Leadership supports my personal and professional growth, providing new opportunities to learn while encouraging me to take quality time with my family, and even be home for school pick-ups.."

Philip Kim

"When I came onboard Summit2Sea, I knew I was in a unique place. The leadership quickly supported me and let me know I was valued not only by their words, but also with their actions. The company is composed of honest, bright, and friendly people. The team regularly fosters an environment of collaboration, sharing, and learning by seeking to equip and empower the members for the present and the future. I am glad I chose to continue my career with Summit2Sea."

Peter Nguyen

“At Summit2Sea, you’re more than just an employee – you’re a friend, a member of the family, and a valued asset to the team. You are truly appreciated and your hard work, accomplishments, and dedication are always acknowledged. Whether working together or individually, we always ensure that the client’s needs are met. We have come so far and I am excited to see what the future will bring!”

Miguel Acevedo

"Coming from over a decade of experience in the Healthcare setting, moving to Summit2Sea has truly opened my mind. Summit 2 Sea supports and even suggests opportunities to improve myself and my skills. For the first time in a long time I feel truly valued and I am proud to be a part of a team that is pushing the envelope for not only themselves, but also the industry with their ever improving skills"

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Whose mission is to raise money and awareness of infant prematurity, primarily by supporting research and by funding programs and initiatives that comfort Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) patients and their families.

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